Truck Driver/ Motor Mechanic (Anatoliy)

Qualified and experienced motor mechanic with Class 4 Driving license.

Personal Statement

I visited New Zealand in 2016. I liked the country and I would like to apply my mechanical skills and truck driving skills here. For the last 2 years, I have been working as a fire truck driver. My responsibilities include: driving the truck, maintaining, and repairing all components and assemblies, as well as special equipment. I believe that I have good skills and the ability to repair any car and have a Category 5 driver’s license.


09.2009 –06.2012   Diploma of driver and auto mechanic of 4 category.

Tomsk College of Mechanics and Technology, Tomsk, Russia

NZQA evaluated as equal to New Zealand qualification of Motormechanic Skills L.5.

Three years of college included the theory and practice of driving trucks and repairing motors. We had practice in transport organizations every year for 2 months where we drove trucks and learned how to repair them.


  • 2019 Certificate of mobile crane operator (6 weeks full-time course) .
  • 2018 Rigging Certificate (4 weeks of full-time training)
  • Operating and servicing  Drilling equipment (12 month experience)
  • Repair of small machinery – lawn mowers, chainsaw, any small construction tools.


FGCU “SPECIAL OFFICE OF FPS No. 8  EMERCOM OF RUSSIA”, Tomsk (State fire service organisation)

Dates: 02.2020 – to present

Position: Senior Fire Engine Driving Instructor               

Responsibilities: Driving, maintenance, and repair of a fire engine.


Repair and service of engine and gearbox, maintenance and repair on all parts of the chassis including brake systems, the steering system, shock struts, suspension ball joint, body springs and so on. General maintenance and troubleshooting on all engine parts, filters, pumps, transmission, drive belts, cam belt and fluid replacement as well as the cooling system, fuel system, starters and alternators.

LLC “Avantage”, Tomsk, Russia

Dates: from 03.09.2018 to 09.01.2020

Position: Auto Mechanic

Responsibilities: Maintenance and repair of small trucks and other company transport.


Repair and service of brake systems, steering system, cooling system, fuel system alternators, suspensions wheel balance, engines exchange, rebuilt, cam belt replacement.

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