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Tradies 4 New Zealand provides services to New Zealand employers to find overseas skilled tradespeople and for tradespeople carrier guidance, training services, and job placement for those who are in New Zealand now.

Are you an owner or manager of a New Zealand business who’s missing out on projects and losing money because you can’t find the right talent in NZ?now.

Do you want to find good people WITHOUT spending a whole lot of time and energy searching for them by yourself?

● Would you use highly skilled people from overseas if you DIDN’T have to be the one dealing with NZ’s complex immigration rules?

● Do you need complete confidence that 100% of information in CVs you see is true?

● Do you wish that someone CAPABLE and DEPENDABLE could just take care of this all for you?

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John Doe
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Thanks a lot, team for the excellent and hard-working guys you brought for us from Singapore. Thank you for always being there when I needed a bit of advice regarding paperwork. We will come back for more people soon! Paul Johns, Manukau
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Big Thank you to Tradies 4 New Zealand team for finding HVAC professionals for us, during COVID! We are looking forward to arriving of our overseas electricians and Installers. R.S. Auckland HVAC business

"We have struggled for many years to find good working reliable staff that have a good attitude, we were not after any super stars, just people that were reliable, happy, friendly and had a good work ethic, with the help of JPC we have a great group of overseas workers who fit in nicely to our work environment, they have been of great benefit to our business".

Your new employees, are from a different cultural background then New Zealanders, how does it show in the way they work?

"There has been no issue at all, the guys we've got from overseas have slotted in nicely with the team we already had in place, as time goes friendships are building which is great. Our New Zealand team members enjoy having the overseas guys with us. Our overseas guys have a great work ethic".

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