New Zealand Workplace is Fair to Migrant Workers

If you are an immigrant, migrant worker in New Zealand or still plan to get a job in New Zealand, you should know that you may expect the same employment rights as New Zealanders. Your basic legal rights ensure that your employer treats you fairly and you are safe at work. International recruitment in New Zealand is committed to providing a safe and fair workplace for everyone who has dreams of pursuing a rewarding career in NZ.
Your employer in NZ is legally bound to pay at least the medium wage, to provide you a safe environment, and to meet its legal obligations. You must know about your employment rights before you apply to get a job in New Zealand.
As an employee in NZ you are legally entitled to:
When you start a job in NZ, your employer must to furnish the following things:
If you are skilled worker and your employer doesn’t meet these provisions, he/she is breaking the law. You can always ask for help on Immigration New Zealand website ,
Employment agreements
All employees in New Zealand should have a written employment agreement with an authorized signature. If your employer has given verbal consent for the job, you must ask for a written agreement before you start your job.
Read the agreement carefully before you sign. If you don’t agree with the agreement or if you want to make some changes, feel free to discuss with your employer before you give your consent.
You have a right to join a union
The NZ employment law allows the international employees to join a union like all the employees, and your employer can neither stop you from doing this. Unions are legitimate organizations that aim at addressing the issues of workers. It is only your decision whether you want to join a union or not. If you want, you will have to pay a membership fee.
Leave and holidays
New Zealand workers are provided more leaves to help them to meet their family from time to time. As per the laws, NZ workers have four weeks’ annual leave after working for 12 months. By the way, you can always exchange your 1-week leave for cash. In addition to the paid annual leaves, employees in NZ will have 10 public holiday days every year.
Please, check the employment agreement thoroughly whether the employer gives the mandated leaves and holidays.
Leave and Leave for working parents
New Zealand employers are really helpful and compassionate for working parents. If you are a working parent and you have to take care of your kids, you are entitled for a sick leaves to take care of your child. You may also use your sick leave entitlement to look after your other family members who depend on you.
Your employer has no right to deduct money from your remuneration unless it is legal. They are legally allowed to deduct money only for income tax, the ACC levy, and KiwiSaver.
Leaving your job
If New Zealand workers want to end your employment, he has to inform NZ employer in advance. You need to keep working until your notice period ends, according to that agreed to in the employment agreement.
If your employer wants to terminate your agreement based on any circumstances, they have to adhere to all the formal procedures; in the other case, you may be entitled for a a very reasonable amount of compensation.