Shibu – Roofer

Shibu is a Metal Roof installer with over 11 years of experience in construction with the same employer. See below his everyday duties:

Professional Qualification:

  • Monitor site progress and coordination with sub-con contractors to meet target date.Responsible for ensuring that all site works of the sub-contractors are in compliance with the company`s and authorities’ requirements.
  • Repaired, Maintained, and removed roofs and the installed of new ones
  • Measured roof to calculate the quantities of required materials
  • Inspect problem roofs to determine the best procedures for repairing them
  • Install vapor barriers and/or layers of insulation on the roof decks of flat roofs, and seal the seams
  • Remove snow, water, or debris from roofs prior to applying roofing materials.
  • Inspected composition shingles, slate and metal roofs for leaks
  • Apply plastic coatings and membranes, fibreglass, or felt over sloped roofs before applying shingles
  • Cement or nail flashing strips of metal or shingle over joints to make them watertight
  • Cover exposed nail heads with roofing cement or caulking to prevent water leakage and rust
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