Raju – Spray painter & Blaster

With 13 years of experience of blasting and painting at ST Marine Limited and Keppel FELS Limited (Marine, Gas & Oil industrial) I am looking for a New Zealand employer who can benefit from my skills and talents.

Currently, I’m working as a spray painter & blaster in all repair and major upgrade projects at Keppel FELS Limited (Part of Keppel Offshore & Marine) which is the world’s largest rig design, building and construction company.

I have been working as a blaster and spray painter at ST Marine Limited for about three years, where I learned manual blasting of ballast tanks, potable (Fresh) water tanks, ship hull structures with ISO standard SA2.5 and spraying of various locations of many ships/vessels.

As a professional, I regularly use all measuring and evaluating instruments for quality control of coatings. I am familiar with international standards of surface preparation and painting (SSPC, NACE).

Bringing along with 13 years of experience with managing Quality spray painting liaising and communicating with vendors and clients at the marine, oil and gas industry, I continue to prove myself as a skilled and knowledgeable professional capable of overseeing day-to-day management responsibilities. I am confident that my qualifications and knowledge would be useful, suitable and valuable for any of the

I am a skilled Forklift Operator as this is part of my job requirements.

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