Plumber and Drain Layer  (Edsel)

Pipe fitter-Plumber in New Zealand

Plumber and Drain Layer with 10 years of experience (Edsel)

Filipino by nationality, Edsel worked in Oman, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia as a multiskilled Plumber. 

Some of his skills:

•    Installation, maintenance, and repair of hot and cold water, heating,  sanitation, and waste disposal systems in private homes and in a public hospital.

•    Maintenance of all water pipes and repairing of leakage.

•    Checking the drainage system and repairing any blockage (pipes and manholes).

•    Installation of the underground storm, sanitary, or water piping systems, extending piping as needed to connect fixtures and plumbing.

•    Maintenance and repair of plumbing by replacing defective washers, replacing or mending broken pipes, or opening clogged drains.

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