Mamun: Precision Machinist (Lathe, Milling)

Machinist with Over 13 Years of Expertise (Lathe, Milling)

Mamun, a highly skilled Machinist specializing in lathe and milling operations. With a keen eye for precision, Mamun excels in a range of tasks that contribute to the seamless production of quality components.He skill set spans calibration and work sample measurements, interpreting technical drawings, and CAD modeling for production. His ability to translate concepts into detailed plans ensures accuracy and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

As a Machinist, Mamun is adept at job setting, alignment, and neutralization. He controls and adjusts machine settings with finesse, operating a variety of machines including lathes, milling machines, radial drilling machines, and tapping machines.Mamun’s expertise extends to a range of machining techniques, including facing, turning, threading, knurling, drilling, boring, milling, slotting, and tapping. His hands-on experience covers a spectrum of manufacturing needs, showcasing his versatility in the workshop.

Quality is paramount for Mamun, who conducts thorough job inspections using precision instruments such as calipers, OD/ID micrometers, bore gauges, thread gauges, height gauges, and more. His meticulous approach ensures that every component meets the highest standards.

Beyond machining, Mamun is skilled in EOT crane operation for efficient job loading and unloading. His proficiency in this area adds a valuable dimension to his role, contributing to the smooth flow of materials within the workshop.With an eye on the future, Mamun remains committed to staying updated on industry trends and technological advancements. His dedication to continuous improvement positions him as a reliable and forward-thinking Machinist.

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