Khan – Formwork carpenter

Formwork Carpenter with 11 Years of Expertise

With an impressive 11-year track record, Khan has become synonymous with excellence in installing and repairing the temporary frameworks that underpin the construction process.

Since 2011, Khan boasts a flawless 100% success rate in completing all formwork-related assignments. His portfolio includes major constructions, commercial buildings, warehouses, and luxurious residences, such as 50 Jalan Seview, 70 Yunnan Crescent, 3 Second Avenue, 74 Da Silva Lane, Nanyang Technological University, Sumitomo Warehouse, Cogent 1 Logistic Hub, Mandai Bird Park, and more.

  • Conformed to building codes and other regulations,
  • Working with client satisfaction,
  • Used hand tools and machinery with proper PPE,
  • Performed layout, including selecting, measuring, marking, and cutting materials, planning sequences and methods of work,
  • Assembled and joined materials with nails, screws, bolts,
  • Constructed finished, repaired, or installed a wide variety of structural items,
  • Constructed, installed, repaired and modified wood and wood substitute structures a variety of joining techniques such as miters, rabbets,
  • Planned and carried out projects from initial layout to completion,
  • Completed tasks assigned bye project foreman in a timely manner and up standards of the highest rated home builder in the region developed an,
  • Maintain cleanliness of construction job site platform general carpentry as
  • needed,
  • Repaired and remodeled homes and did general carpentry work.Interacted with home owner shop owners often,
  • Residential and light commercial project self-employed carpenter remodel and new construction

Renovation wall formwork pictures:

Additional Column formwork pictures:


Wall formwork in 132 pasir rise road
Wall formwork in 132 pasir rise road
Wall reinforcements work in 132 pasir rise road
Column formwork in 31 kasi road
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