KHAN – Formwork Carpenter

Khan, is a professional formwork carpenter with 11 years of extensive experience in the construction industry, specializing in building construction, residential houses, warehouses, and commercial buildings in Singapore. Throughout his career, Khan has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities, outstanding oral and interpersonal skills, and a commitment to excellence in every project he undertakes.

Khan’s expertise is further highlighted by his 5 years of hands-on experience as a carpenter and an additional 6 years as a supervisor. This diverse background not only showcases his technical proficiency but also his ability to lead and manage teams effectively. Khan is always eager to expand his knowledge and skills, bringing valuable insights and benefits to any company he joins.

COURSES attended:
❖ Formwork Safety Course for Supervisors from Avanta Global Pte Ltd
(8, 9, 10 & 11 August 2013)
❖ Occupational First Aid Course cpd/041/A1B/095-2018
❖ BCA skill plumbing and pipefittings from Bangladesh
❖ Core Trade Registration (Plumbing & Piping works) from BCA (Registration No.
❖ WSQ -WSH coordinator course from greensafe 2021
❖ Building Construction Supervisor Safety Course from Safety Council
(13 February 2013)
❖ Work-At-Height Course for Assessors from Carving Dreams Pte Ltd
(22 Jan 2017)
❖ Work At Height Course for Supervisors from Avanta Global Pte Ltd
(11 & 18 May 2013)
❖ Supervision of Metal Scaffold Erection Course from Avanta Global Pte Ltd
(From 14 July 2014 to 01 August 2014)
❖ Metal Scaffold Erection Course Ever safe Consultants Pte Ltd
(26.10.2013 to 10.11.2013)
❖ Rigger and Signalman Course from AKC (03.03.2013 to 17.03.2013)


Khan work photos:

Wall formwork in 132 pasir rise road –
Wall formwork in 132 pasir rise road –
Wall reinforcements work in 132 pasir rise road-
formwork in 31 kasi road –
Canopy Welding work in 31 kasai road-
29 coronation walk retaining wall formwork
29 coronation walk-
29 coronation formwork-
10 wcega plaza store materials shifting –
Timber decking work 43 jalan kampong chentek
Bricks laying work in 29 hua guan avenue
Timber ceiling work in 9 green leap view-

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