Welder/Fabricator (Hasan) *Tested by TradiesNZ

Hasan has 15 years’ work experience welding and fabricating a variety of pipelines in Singapore.

Welding Skills:
  • Heavy industry as a piping welder in all kinds welding process and position.
  • Processes – SMAW, FCAW, MIG/MAG & TIG /GTAW
  • Welding position – 3G, 4G, 6G & 6GR, 6GCS, 6GSS, 6G CUNI & 6G duplex in material.
  • Fabricated pipeline as mention above process and position using – (Cargo Oil line, Ballast water line, LNG line, Challenger pipe, see water pipeline, cooling water line, firefighting pipeline, water treatment line, sewage pipeline, freshwater line)
  • Hull Fabrication and welding
  • Steel pipe cutting, fitting, welding and fabricating.
  • Fit up Ladders, Handrails Fit up Angel bars & T-bars.
  • Assemble, Welding and Erection Leg and Living Quarters.
  • Read and interpret some isometric & Orthographic drawing

Work Experience:

  • Welding
  • Fitting
  • Fabricating
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