Hannan Mia: Diesel Mechanic/Diesel Engine Specialist

Hannan Mia is a highly experienced Diesel Mechanic and Diesel Engine Specialist, currently serving as a Mechanical Supervisor with a rich background of 8 years in the field. His extensive expertise includes overhauling diesel engines such as Yanmar, Daihatsu, Cummins, Akasaka, Hanshin, and WinGD. In his role, Hannan efficiently manages the maintenance, servicing, and repair of mechanical equipment on vessels. Adept at troubleshooting and strategic repair planning, he ensures workshop cleanliness and the proper maintenance of tools. His responsibilities also extend to retrofitting new equipment on board vessels, and he consistently produces detailed service reports with valuable suggestions. Hannan’s commitment to safety is evident through his completion of various professional courses, including Lifting Supervisor, Shipyard Safety Supervisor, and Health Safety and Environment Leadership. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Hannan Mia is a dynamic leader who significantly contributes to the efficiency and safety of maritime engineering operations.

Hannan has further enriched his skills through a series of professional courses and training programs, including:

  • Lifting Supervisor Course under NTUC, Singapore.
  • Shipyard Safety Supervisor Course under UNER
  • Health, Safety, and Environment Leadership Module under Sembcorp Marine.
  • Fire Protect and Control Course under Sembcorp Marine.
  • Proficient in computer skills, particularly Microsoft Office.

Hannan Mia Work Photos

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