Electrical Service Technician (Olga)

Electrical Engineer International recruitment (Olga)

Olga is an Electrical Engineer with 11 years of experience in modern Oil and Gas Research and design organization/an institute, where she is involved in the development of sections of design estimates for the arrangement of oil and gas fields in terms of power supply. She carries out drawings and calculations of electrical equipment of substations and switchgear 6-35 kV (switches, disconnectors, cable and overhead lines, power and measuring transformers, etc.), designs a conceptual assessment of the placement of power supply centers and the choice of the optimal option for supplying consumers (based on the load current and voltage losses).

Olga’s specialization is relay protection and automation. She knows methods of calculation for the choice of settings for relay protection to protect consumers from short circuit currents. She makes designs from the survey stage to the preparation of custom documentation.

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