Ataur – Industrial Engineer EWRB Registered

(Electrical Regulation, Theory and Practical stage 1-3 completed)
NZQA Evaluation outcome: Bachelor’s degree at Level 7

Ataur, an Industrial Engineer registered with EWRB. With over 20 years of experience in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Ataur is skilled in translating technical requirements into business solutions. He has a background in the chemical and marine industries, demonstrating expertise in areas such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Staff Operations, Effective Communication, Project Management, and more.

Ataur’s technical skills include HVAC, Heat Pump, Marine Provision Plant, Chiller, Freezer, Oil Cooler, Electrical Panel Cooler, and Electrical Power & Control Circuit System. A Certified Risk Assessment Leader and Ship Repair Manager, Ataur brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any team.

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