Andrei – Heavy Welder & Fabricator

Andrei has 9 years of work experience as a welder fabricator.
Andrei received an appreciation award from the Department of Education for the formation of entrepreneurial classes for children and Strezhevoy City Mayor’s award for the development of service industries in the city.

Andrei is a competent Electric and gas welder of the 5th category. Can read drawings, marking and fabricating the new-built project or renovation;
Fitting and fabricating columns for different kinds of universal beams and columns and steel plates;
FCAW and SMAW welding of heavy structural steel and pipes;
Driving a truck with welding equipment to install the project onsite;
Welding high-pressure pipelines, central heating pipes and water supply pipes.

Andrie has a Driving License Category B and C

Andrie recent work photos:

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