Amir -Welder & fabricator

Amir has 12 years’ work experience in Singapore.
Amir certificate from the Institute of Technical Education Singapore of ITE Skills Evaluation Test Level
One in General Welding also had training as marine signalmen & marine riggers.

Amir is a competent Steel Pipe fitter & Welder. He has the experience and certified competency
in ARC-6G/Gas tungsten arc welding-6G/Flax coted Arc Welding -6G & Submerged Arc
Welding -1G.

Fabrication of Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex & Copper nickel pipes. During working used
suitable machine & tools such as Lathe machine, Drilling machine, Cutting torch, Welding machine,
Grinding machines & others depending on jobs.

Amir welding video on YouTube:

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