Aminur – Welder Fabricator / Fitter

Aminur is Almost (14) years (Singapore 2006-Present)of extensive experience in hull fabrication & welding practices and involving quality control with emphasis on the inspection of various steel structures.
Working in marine, Oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical project.
He is in charge, taking care of about 30 welders and supporting them in whatever they want to make their welding job done.


  • Welding and fabrication vessels, tanks & workshop in Penguin shipyard
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Welding & fabricator
  • Perform hull structure any kinds of vertical horizontal & overhead X-ray welding.
  • Perform any kinds of aluminium and steel plate fabrication, bevelling and fitting all pipe flat bar frame & BHD.
  • Easily able to make and erection any kind of structure according to the fabrication drawing.
  • Lifting all kinds of blocks, BHD as per drawings.
  • Found the welding defects.
  • Familiarity with structural and Pipe welding.
  • Reporting task and inspection records.
  • Welding vessels, tanks & workshop in Penguin shipyard.
  • Welding Aluminium and Steels 3G, 4G & 6G.
  • Preheats work pieces using hand torch and heating furnace
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